Gracie’s Top Picks: Emoji Back to School Supplies Ideas

I knew emoji mania had touched my soul when I couldn’t figure out how to use the emoji keyboard on my cell phone. This is because I am an old bitty, of course. Bits of frustration ooozed out of me until I calmed the heck down and figured it out.  Emojis are cool ya’ll. So why not hook up your favorite students with some emoji-fied school supplies?

Gracie and I cruised around Amazon, and she picked the most adorable emoji school supplies that she thought your kids would love. You can check out all of this stuff on Amazon (aff link), or see if they have similar stuff at Walmart or Target.

Ps. A few of these things would make great party favors too…

Emoji Water Bottle

I am loving the splashes of color on this thing. Your kid will be the coolest water-slurper around. Just throw some filtered water in it and get ta’ slurping. Because those water fountains at school can get nasty. Ewww….


Emoji Backpacks & Bookbags

There are sooo many cool emoji backpacks out right now. These three right here are just a sample of just how emoji-fabulous it can get.

emoji bookbag


Emoji Band Aids

Let’s just forget about the kids for a sec. Next time I cut myself chopping up veggies, I’m slapping one of these on my foot. And please don’t ask how I cut my foot chopping veggies. I’ll spare you the clumsy details. But ya, throw some of these in your kid’s bookbag, too.

emoji band aids


Poop Emoji Power Bank Cell Phone Charger

It’s time to harness the power of poop with the poop emoji cell phone charger. Nuff said!

poop emoji cell phone charger

Emoji Pencils

These pencils are really cool, but they’re honesty kinda pricey online. Grab them on Amazon if it’s convenient for ya, but hopefully you run into these at the store for cheaper….maybe??

emoji pencils

Emoji Student Planner

So here’s the deal. This particular student planner did not get best of reviews on Amazon, but I wanted to showcase it here anyway to inspire you to look for a higher quality one elsewhere. An emoji student planner is a cute idea, and would make a great stocking stuffer. Yes ya’ll…. Christmas. emoji studet planner

Emoji Pez Dispensers

These are so darn cool! Emoji Pez dispensers would make a great small reward for your student’s hard work at school, or use them as party favors. Either way, you end up the cool parent because these things are really neat.

emoji pez dispenser

Did Gracie pick some awesome stuff, or what?! She’ll be making another appearance on blog next week. She’s planning her first healthy cereal review for you guys! Until then, if you want to see more from Grace, please check out GracieGlitter on Youtube. Smooches!!


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