Almond Breeze’s Almond-Cashew Milk Blend. Is it Yum or Yucky?

Froot Loops… Apple Jacks…. Fruity Pebbles, baby! Yes ya’ll. I am finally eating my favorite crappy cereal agains. I owe this wonderful turn of events to Almond Breeze Almond Cashew milk. Sure, a girl’s gotta eat right, but crappy cereals are my sinister splurge. Almond-cashew is a blend of two nut milks together, and tastes way better than plain almond or plain cashew milk. Nope..I can’t do dairy milk in my cereal.

almond cashew milk

I had to completely stop eating cereal a few months ago because cow milk was jacking up my digestion. I didn’t have the traditional lactose intolerant symptoms of rushing my butt cheeks to the porcelain throne with a bad case of water booty, but cow’s milk sure did a helluva job at causing me to be very bloated and feel terribly icky. Once I stopped eating cow’s milk those symptoms went away immediately.


Plain almond milk has a unpleasant aftertaste, so that’s no bueno for me. As for plain cashew milk, it surprisingly has barely any aftertaste at all (which is good), but I found it to be a little on the thick side for eating cereal. Here’s our Silk Cashew Milk video review (get ready to laugh!).

So that leaves us with the wonderful almond-cashew blend. The cashew drowns out the almond milk aftertaste, while the almond milk liquidity thins out the cashew milk’s thickness. It’s the perfect combination – the perfect marriage of ingredients for enjoying a nice bowl of artificially flavored cereal bits. Yay!

almond cashew

I recently spotted this milk my grocery store and I’m already a hardcore believer. You can bet I’ll be buying it every week now. It cost me $2.99 for a half-gallon. Get some and try it out. But if you don’t want any, just pick some up anyway and send it to me through the Food Teleporter. Sheesh.


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