Filming My Husband’s Fatness

Matthew is a food-giver. He will give me the last bite of the most delicious plates of food he’s ever eaten. He has performed this sacrifice for me many times over.

The other day our 20-year old son witnessed this act of giving as I devoured the last bite of Matthew’s Kobe beef burger. I explained to my kid that part of being a good husband is sacrificing your food to your hungry wife. His response to that? “We’ll that just confirms I’m not ready for marriage because I refuse to share my last bite of delicious food with a woman.”  

No problem, son. For now, just stay in school and get your degree, dammit. In the meantime, this video contradicts everything I just said about Matthew sharing his food. Oh well.


He Forced Me to Lotion His Crusty Elbows 

What Men Really Think About Women’s Lingerie

One Million Dollars!


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