Skechers GoGa Mat Sneakers: Yum or Yucky?


Skechers recently upped their game by putting GoGa Mat insole technology into their sneakers. I’m really happy about this because I was not a fan of their memory foam insole shoes. Memory foam was very comfortable to me, and my socks felt slippery inside the shoes. Based on my fantastic experience wearing the original Go Walk sneakers (I just bough another pair!), as well as the original Go Fit shoes, I did not buy into the upgrade to memory foam. No sir. No thanks.

But alas! Skechers GoGa Mat shoes have saved the day!

goga-mat shoes

Skechers shoes containing GoGa Mat insole technology make you feel as if you are walking on a high-end yoga mat: very comfortable and relaxing for the foot. My feet were instantly happy inside the sneakers and, having walk some miles in GoGa Mat shoe’s already, they are definitely good for a long day of being on your feet.

I give GoGa Mat shoes a YUM rating.

However, you will still need to find the style of GoGa Mat shoes that you like. The particular shoes you see pictured I ended up returning because I didn’t like the actual style. Next time you pass the Skechers store, go inside and try on some GoGat shoes in a style that tickles your footsies, or explore GoGa Mat shoes online.

Be kind to your feet, and may a foot rub be in your near future.

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