How I Cleared My Cat’s Eye Infection With Colloidal Silver (No Vet Visit)

This is the damn cat. She’s very mean and will scratch anybody to shreds in a hot second. I’m sorry to say it, but she’s a bitch. Nevertheless, she is my Kitty and I love her. It’s like I have a case of Stockholm Syndrome or something. Ugggh!

kitty cat

Recently we noticed Kitty had some icky, thick gook oozing from her eyes. I felt bad because we had been away on a trip, and the day we got home is when we noticed her eye infection. I’m certain she was miserable and wanted to claw at me over the matter.

eye infection close up

I didn’t panic, though. I knew I wouldn’t have to call a vet, and was confident I could fix up Kitty in a jiffy. The same as I did when Grace had pink eye several times, I went straight for my colloidal silver.

colloidal silver brands

I have experience with various brands of colloidal silver, including even more than what’s pictured here. I’ve found the results to be effective no matter which reputable brand is chosen. I’ve used 10-20ppm varieties and don’t find it necessary to use anything overpowering, like 500ppm. That’s just crazy. For ear and eye infections there is never a question in my mind of if the silver will work. I know darn well it well.


1. First tried my colloidal gel on Kitty. I figured would be easier to administer to the cat if I just slathered it on the eye, but that method was a bit clumsy. The gel only clumped onto her hair with barely any of it getting into her eye.

2. Next I filled the cap of the liquid silver bottle with approximately 4 drops of silver. Matthew held Kitty down while I poured in into her eye. Be ready for your cat to go completely batshit crazy when you do this. The poor feline has no idea what’s going on to begin with, and the silver does sting for a quick second.

3. Typically with a human, I administer colloidal silver 2-3 times a day until the infection clears, then continue to administer 1x per day for an extra 2 days (this is important to keep the infection from coming back). But with Kitty I only did it 1x a day for 3 days because I felt she would get weary from all the trauma of us giving her the medicine. The results were fantastic. No vet required.

cat eye infection colloidal silver

Colloidal silver will not harm your cat, and I’ve come across zero reports of it harming other animals. It’s a good idea to keep colloidal silver in your home for situations like this, as well as for treating cuts and burns. Read my full write up on Colloidal Silver Facts, Benefits and Risks to learn why silver is a powerful natural antibiotic you need to keep around. I even pack a small bottle whenever I’m traveling.

What do you think of Kitty’s happy healing? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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