NutriBullet Pro 900 Series First Impressions | Better Than Vitamix?

If you’re in the market for your very first blender, looking to upgrade your existing unit, or you’re simply ready to enter into the wonderful world of delicious fruit smoothies and healthy green drinks, then don’t do another darn thing until you’ve finished reading this. And be sure to scroll down for the video review! 

nutribullet pro 900 series

After the Nutribullet peeps sent us the NutriBullet Pro 900, Matthew and I whipped up some smoothies. It’s a machine that is beyond fantastic. Nutribullet has a very good reputation (my Auntie lost over 20 pounds while using her Nutribullet every day), but I honestly didn’t expect to be as blown away by their 900 Series as much as I was. It was like being caught in a tornado inside of a wind tunnel during a hurricane. These are our Nutribullet first impressions.

nutribullet instagram

THE MACHINE: The unit is very well made with solid construction. It’s big, yet space-saving due to its slender build. Matthew was impressed with the power of the motor. The Nutribullet blended our smoothie in mere seconds and left no pesky chunks like some other blenders do.

BREAKING DOWN ICE CUBES: The real test of any good blender is how effectively it can break down ice cubes. One of my tests for the Nutribullet was to break down 10 ice cubes as part of my morning smoothie. It did so effortlessly and in record time compared to any blender I’ve ever used…ever. This was an eye-opening moment, considering that I spent over $600 on my Vitamix that is less than one year old. Uggh! The Nutribullet handled 10 ice cubes better than my expensive Vitamix ever has.

nutribullet tweet

LEARNING CURVE: The simplicity of operating the Nutribullet, along with the no-nonsense accessories it includes, should leave you with only one challenge, and that is to figure out which smoothie combinations you love the best. But even that learning curve can be resolved quickly since Nutribullet provides you with a recipe booklet and smartphone app with a ton of recipes to try.

nutribullet recipes

So that leaves the question to be officially answered: Is the Nutribullet better than Vitamix? In my opinion, for the purpose of mixing up smoothies everyday with the ease of operating the machine, getting a great smoothie as a result, and then cleaning up fast, the answer is yes. Nutribullet is better.


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