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I am a complete music nerd. I’m NOT a music snob. Just…nerdy. I love love love everything from Dvorak to Debbie Harry. Much like books, I don’t really care what you’re into, as long as you OWN it, and listen. Music is so much more than background noise. It’s the heartbeat of motion and action. It’s the soul of a culture that drives the community beyond people collected by mutual affection and need. It’s the identity that marks them as a collective.

Think about it. If you say to yourself “1950s-60s England, you will think about The Beatles.

The early eighties in the US belonged to MJ.

2015 NYC belongs (at least in part) to this:

I love my audiobooks, and frequently listen to them while I’m on a long run because they keep me motivated to continue one foot in front of another.

But…I can’t get enough music. I can’t live without it. It’s been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I’ll keep it for as long as I can.

Seriously, the only music I really don’t enjoy is boy band music or country. I realize a ton of people are into country–I just can’t. But if Garth Brooks butters your biscuits, let Garth butter them all night long. I’ll gladly watch his wife’s cooking shows. She cooks like my MawMaw–that is to say–a lot of mid-south yumminess with all kinds of shit that is probably bad for you, but who GAF, HAVE YOU EVEN BUTTER BEANED? HAVE YOU?!

Anywhoodle. Recently, you may have heard about a blizzard that struck the Mid-Atlantic. It was bad news bears.

Much Netflix was consumed. I am basically a forensic expert since I’ve now binged twice on Making a Murderer.  I’m here for all your conspiracy needs. All of them. It was that guy–not–that guy. SEE?!?! I GOT THIS.

More importantly, I found this show.

I’m fucking obsessed. These are the cattiest and probably the most awful humans to ever represent creative singers, but I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. It’s like Pitch Perfect only MORE AWFUL AND GLORIOUS. *save the acabelles who seem ok.

It’s possibly the best thing ever. I can’t even. My daughter loves it, and it worries me about her future as a total possible asshole. I keep telling her “those people are horrible and will never know love,” or “that person is just driven and creative and not an asshole–be THAT person.”

It makes me dance and sing and be very grateful that my creative friends aren’t assholes–always.

OMG. Five hundred words on catty bitchy music. I have issues. I have an effing subscription.

What music is YOUR personal soundtrack? What moves you? What moves you to move?

Music that moves you. A playlist and a @Netflix binge. #STREAMTEAM

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Here’s a copy of MY current playlist.

Though Netflix sponsored these posts, all opinions and recipes are my own.
Though Netflix sponsored these posts, all opinions and recipes are my own.

Reader Eater

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