My Husband is Losing Weight Eating Bacon

bacon thumb

Well hot dang. Would ya look at that. Matthew traded in his greasy, carb-oh-holic bagel breakfast sammiches from the work cafeteria and started eating Applegate natural turkey bacon instead. Now he’s losing weight!

His strategy is not fancy or complicated. He simply eats 3 slices of uncured turkey bacon each morning with his Espresso coffee. I purchased the first pack of Applegate bacon about a two months ago on a whim. It turned out to be the best whim I ever did have.

Matthew has lost almost 8 pounds already, just from making this smart change to his breakfast choices with no exercise involved. Greasy breakfast bagel sammichs are no longer on his daily menu and he’s getting healthier. woohoo!  

Watch the video for Matthew’s approach to losing weight. And in case you’re appalled by what he calls me in the video, I am soliciting hugs from the Internet so I can feel better about myself.

This has been a win-win for both of us: Matthew is happy about the surprising affect it’s had on his weight, and I’m real grateful for the bacon scraps he lets me have. heheheheee. Applegate products have no nitrates, nitrites or other preservatives. Their meats come from animals that are humanely raised and contain no antibiotics or growth hormones. Add some healthy turkey bacon to your life and try out Applegate. BOOM!

turkey bacon

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