9 Signs You’re a Busy Mom Who Works Out


This disturbing list is forever incomplete and will never be final. The home workout drama for us mamas goes on and on and on….

  1. You pause your workout to put a load of clothes into the dryer. Why? Because ((insert person’s name here)) has no clean underwear and neither do you.
  2. You are accustomed to using human weights (aka, your kids) to do squats.
  3. You almost miss your workout because you’re too busy cleaning up last night’s mess. Mess = scattered books, crayons, clothes, shoes, unfinished art projects, homework, food-encrusted computer keyboard, etc.
  4. You do miss you workout because you’re child begged for morning snuggle time. It’s okay that you caved in, but now your kid won’t release their death grip.
  5. Your left dumbbell is missing (yes, the left one) and was last seen in the toy box…but it’s not in there anymore…of course not.
  6. You can barely get in a push-up without someone climbing on your back. You can barely get in a squat without someone perching under your legs like you’re a human fort.
  7. You can’t focus on your workout because your child decided to sit on the couch and watch you while giving a play-by-play soliloquy of yesterday’s Spongebob episode.
  8. You suck at your workout because your child is watching you again, and has determined that “you don’t work hard enough”. They can do much better.
  9. Your significant other slaps your booty during your workout. This makes you feel sexy. You’re about to smile, but then he proceeds to describe in horrific detail the fitness-stench emanating from your body. The kids agree with him. You stink.

Good Morning, Bitch Face

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