UTI Home Remedy: Oregano Oil for Urinary Tract Infection

First thing’s first: If you think you have a Urinary Tract Infection but have never been diagnosed in the past, you need to be seen by a doctor. However, if you’ve experienced a UTI before and know for sure that’s what you’re dealing with, then Oregano Oil might be natural, quick, uber-effective UTI home remedy that makes you happy.


It had been years since I had a UTI, but when I recently felt that familiar, painful twinge, I knew right away what I was dealing with. Quick action is important to avoid blood-tinged pee, constant trips to the bathroom, and to escape the looming threat of even more pain. I was fully prepared to call the doctor and deal with the antibiotics, but my affinity for natural remedies urged me to reach for my Oil of Oregano instead.


oregano oil benefitsOregano Oil is highly regarded as the most powerful natural antibiotic in the world, and has been well researched for its health benefits. My full write up on Oregano Oil Facts, Benefits and Risks will bring you up to speed on why you should keep Oregano Oil on hand in your home (I also keep some at work), including which brand is the best, why it’s the best and how to administer it safely. I stress to you that there are safety measures you must take due to Oregano Oil’s heat factor, so please read the full write up before purchasing or consuming the product.

Excerpts from research on oregano oil benefits from around the web:

“…the oil was tested against aggressive germs, including the cold, flu and even bird flu viruses. In all cases the wild oregano oil destroyed the viruses. In tissue culture the wild oregano oil virtually completely destroyed the human coronavirus, a 99.9% kill, in a mere 20 minutes. The coronavirus is the microbe responsible for nearly 50% of the infections diagnosed as the common cold or pneumonia and is solely responsible for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). The destruction of the influenza A and bird flu viruses was nearly as complete, a 99% kill. This is an impressive result, which has never been achieved by any drug…” via HyssopHealth.com

“In Mexico, researchers have compared oregano to tinidazol, a commonly used prescription drug to treat infection from the amoeba Giardia lamblia. These researchers found oregano to be more effective against Giardia than the commonly used prescription drug.” via World’s Healthiest Foods 

“Potent viruses, with previously no known cure are suddenly losing against one of the most potent members of nature’s family – Oregano oil. Stories of genital herpes, shingles and cold sores clearing up are all from the topical as well as internal application of this herb.” via Liberty Voice


Supplies Needed


  • Fill an empty veggie capsule with oregano oil and take one, 2-3 times per day for 3 days.
  • Important: you must eat something AFTER you take the capsule, as the capsule will have bouyancy and “seem” to be in your chest unless you chase it down with some food.
  • After you feel yourself getting better, continue to take 1-2 capsules at for least 2 days longer. This is similar to when you are instructed by your doctor to finish all of your antibiotic even after you feel better.
  • Note: Fill each capsule right before you take it. Do not pre-fill to take hours later, as the integrity of the veggie capsule will slowly degrade throughout the day due to Oregano Oil’s heat.

I experienced fast relief from my UTI with this method. Within an hour! If you don’t get relief within 24 hours, consider calling your doctor. This information is not meant to replace your doctor’s advice. Please use your best judgment and be sensible.

Big Pharma

Oregano Oil is safe to take even when you are not sick. It will help maintain your health. Do NOT administer Oregano Oil to young children due its potent heat factor. Your homework right now is to read Oregano Oil Facts, Benefits and Risks to further educate yourself on the awesome power of Oregano Oil. Here’s to your health!







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