Holiday, Sports and Collegiate Pasta Shapes! (Be Gracie’s Pasta Pal)

pasta pal

This is the coolest thing everrrr. Would you like to be Gracie’s pasta pal? Her cheer team is having a fundraiser. These cool pastas come in holiday, sports, collegiate, animal shapes, and other cool themes that are fun to eat or gift to someone greedy. I personally like my pasta with lots of buttahs & salt. Shhh….don’t tell anybody I said that!


  • Halloween pasta
  • Gobble Gobble Thanksgiving pasta
  • Sports pasta
  • Snowman pasta
  • Christmas Tree pasta
  • Star of David pasta
  • Reindeer pasta
  • Collegiate team pasta
  • Cat lover’s pasta
  • Dog lover’s pasta
  • …and more more cool themes. There’s way too many to list!


1. Follow this link for Gracie’s team pasta shop.

2. Click the blue shop now button and pick your favorite pasta themes or search by pasta name.

3. Important: During checkout, you will be asked, “who will this purchase be supporting?” Click the drop down box and select “Grace Maurer” as your Pasta Pal.


I ordered the Snowman, Reindeer and Christmas tree pastas for the greedy YumYucky household. Orders ship within 3-5 business days. If you’re interested, happy pasta ordering! And thank you SO MUCH for supporting Grace’s team!

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