Barnes & Noble Wants to Fatten Up Your Children

Well, yes. I am being a drama queen. But please allow me this precious moment to complain with petty arguments that you may just agree with.

BN couponI am part of B&N’s discount club. You pay $25 a year to get discounts off most of your purchases. We love it. It’s extremely worthwhile.

They also send your kid a free birthday “gift” each year: a coupon for a cookie or cupcake at their cafe’. But why not send my kid a coupon for $2 or $3 off of a children’s book instead? Why not encourage my kid to read books since their business is all about books? C’mon now!

I’m just busting Barnes & Noble’s bookish ballz, of course. My family really does love the store. And ya, we will use the coupon…maybe…eh, probably not.

I’d rather have the bookstore encourage my kids’ reading with book rewards instead of free desserts. Your thoughts?






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