Preparedness Checklist for Hurricanes and Winter Storms

It’s a terrible thing to NOT be prepared for a storm. This isn’t about the toilet paper, milk and bread that people trample each other for at the store. You need to be prepared beyond that. And preparedness should be place before a looming storm is even announced.

emergency preparedness


Have these items ready to go. Meaning, you don’t have to fumble around looking for them once the emergency hits and you’ve already been inconvenienced:

  • Non-perishable food and bottled water, including manual can opener
  • Flashlights (more than one)
  • Batteries
  • Full tank of gas in car
  • Portable cell phone charger and/or portable power source for plugs
  • Candles & Matches
  • Ice: have it on standby in a cooler in case you lose refrigeration.
  • Wood for fireplace, if applicable
  • Generator and extra fuel in gas cans.
  • Board games, playing cards and reading material.
  • Fully charged laptop & DVDs.

See the full Emergency Preparedness List to tackle any emergency beyond weather-related. The list includes non-perishable food items, water purification tools, hygiene necessities, first aid, personal protection equipment (for airborne & chemical events) and home security. View the entire list now.

emergency supply list


>> Hopefully you already have a small, portable fire safe in your home to hold your important documents and small valuables. Be prepared to take this with you when you evacuate to your pre-appointed safe location.

>> A “Go-Bag” should be ready and include several changes of clothes appropriate for the season, as well as medicine or other necessities you cannot do without for a few days.

I hope you never have implement any of the emergency tips I’ve listed, but gather your supplies anyway. It’s better to be safe and than sorry!






(Hurricane Image Credit: NASA/NOAA GOES Project) 

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