Creepy Orwellian Phone Call I Got From My Health Insurance Company

insurance company

Ummm. Is this the new normal?

My health insurance company called me the other day. You know, the one who provides coverage for doctor’s visit and prescriptions ‘n stuff. They requested my permission to send a doctor to my house to give me a physical and draw blood for routine lab work.

I informed them that I already have a doctor and had my physical this year. I don’t need someone coming to my house.

They pressed the issue. Apparently it didn’t matter if I already had a check up.

I asked them if it was mandatory as part of my coverage. They said no, but kept insisting I agree to their Orwellian health screening.

I started to get pissed off. I flat out told them their tactics are creepy. I had to get rude about it.

The woman finally relented, but at the end of the conversation she warned me that I would be added to “the list” of people who refused to cooperate.

Huh? The list? What’s this list for? I’m supposed to be okay with some stranger coming to my house to take blood out of my veins? I know for sure the call was from my insurance company. I don’t like this at all.

Has this happened to you? If it does, how will you react?






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