3 Reasons To Keep a Female Portable Pee Urinal in Your Car

“Ahhhh!”  That’s the sound I make when I’m peeing in my car. No, really. Both Gracie and I have peed in the car on several occasions now. There are 3 good reasons for a portable pee urinal:

  1. When you’re taking a long road trip. It’s an empowering feeling to know you won’t piss your pants while trying to find a bathroom to stop at.
  2. To avoid the disgusting scene at the porta potty.
  3. To not have to squat & pee in the deep, dark woods. Too many Sasquatch out there.

We keep portable female pee urinals in our car with the rest of the emergency supplies (including toilet paper). Let me explain how this works…

I first recognized the need for this when I had to drag Gracie into the woods for her first squat and pee session. The porta potty at the park was beyond disgusting, complete with flies and diarrhea spatter. I took her into the woods instead. She was 4 years old at the time and, as you can imagine, squatting to pee in the natural wooded habitat of the suburban hyena is not an art form for someone so young. Pee ran down her legs and got onto her socks and feet. Sure, I had brought toilet paper from the car to clean her up, but the whole experience got me thinking there had to be a better way.

After remembering that time I once had my son pee in an empty water bottle while we were stuck in New York City traffic (he was 5 at the time), I thought to myself, what if us girls could pee like a boy in the privacy our own car, too?

We own several types of portable female pee urinal, and to be clear, we each have our own — it would be weird to share them.

Type #1 ~ Pee Standing Up Anywhere: Yup. This one has a hole at the end and is obviously not suitable for the car. But you can act like a boy as you pee standing up in a discreet location of your choice. By positioning this soft, flexible device under your bottom, the pee drains away from you. No more squatting and no more pee mist getting on your legs and clothes. There are two reusable urinals in each box.

pez urinal

Type #2 ~ Pee in the Car: I prefer this one to discreetly pee in the car. First I kick my family out the vehicle. Then I get into the back seat on the floor. It takes a few seconds to position it just right, but once you get ‘ta peeing you will feel fantastic to be relieving yourself in privacy. I then dump the pee-pee evidence into a nearby bush, rinse out the urinal with water, then put it into a plastic bag to clean when I get home. And yes, I do keep toilet paper in the car as well. It’s biodegradable so I don’t feel bad about dumping that into the bush either — this is an emergency situation, after all. You can opt for a urinal that has a lid on it, but I prefer to dump the pee immediately instead of keeping it in the car until later.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.46.08 AM

We are going canoeing this weekend and I will be putting my urinal and toilet paper in my backpack. Last time we canoed I had to pull over and go in the woods with no supplies. This time I will be prepared. I know this all might seem weird, but if you keep this in your car, you’ll be happy on the day you have to use it. There’s no reason for a 21st century lady of sophistication to be squatting in the woods when there’s pee technology such as this to keep you fancy.






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