New Name, New Me?

Reader Eater

Nope. Same ol’ me, just shorter hair and a blog re-brand.

I decided to re-brand and rename my blog after realizing that while I still intend on posting about my life and a bit about fitness, it’s not a “day in the life” blog anymore, and hasn’t been for quite some time. Yes, I’m still going to hit nerd culture hard. Yes, I’ll still post about shit that gets to me. There will be ranting and there will be exaltations of joy. But, as my blog has been for some months now, It will primarily focus on my nerdy-foody self. Book recs, some movie and television recs, and ALL OF THE FOOD–EVER.

So please, read with me. Share with me YOUR love of food and books and Fassbender .gifs.

Reader Eater is WHO I am and WHAT I blog, and I am really excited to start this new chapter of my blogging story.

(I hope that gurlpages account I had is DEAD.)

I’m a good sharer

Reader Eater


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