What I’m Reading ON THIS DAY!!

Breakfast to Bed

Ok, so it’s been requested, and it’s a really easy thing to post.

I have ADHD, this is surprising to no one. This also means that I can have from 3-10 books that I’m reading at any given time. I’m completely poly with my books. I spread the love.

What I’m reading and WHERE!


nothing at this minute. I just finished Barefoot to Avalon last night. So good.

Kindle Unlimited: Fairchild by Jaima Fixsen


Madam Secretary by Madeline Albright–on audio.

Heart of Steel by Meljean Brook–audio

Fermentation for Beginners

Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut–audio

Kindle (purchased):

Flirting With Felicity by Gerri Russel–slogging through it.

Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


The Veil by Chloe Neill

iBooks: nada.

Wattpad: nada.

Yes, I’m working my way through eight books right now, and tonight, I’ll probably add a physical book to the mix. There’s nothing quite like words on pages while propped up in bed, after the children have gone to bed.

Also, I am ALWAYS reading a classic or two at any given time, because it gives me a mental break from modern slang and reminds me why books become canonical works. To me, Vonnegut is a huge part of the modern canon, and I’m rarely far from something he’s written. I mean, my dog’s name is Montana Wildhack, for fuckssake.

Montana WildhackMontana Wildhack would like for you to gaze upon her teef. Her teef are mighty and fun.

Breakfast to Bed


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