A reader asked me 12 questions about Intermittent Fasting for weight loss. Here are my answers.

intermittent fasting Q&A

It’s been almost a year since I released my free eBook on Intermittent Fasting and my fasts are still going strong! Here are some questions that were asked of me by a Yum Yucky about my intermittent fasting lifestyle. Go on and have a looksie at this Q&A to learn more about fasting. And by all means, please grab the eBook and ask me any questions you have!

1. How did you get interested in intermittent fasting?

I’ve fasted on many occasions for spiritual purposes, so the idea of Intermittent Fasting (aka, “IF”) didn’t make me shy away. I kept hearing that IF was beneficial for weight loss, so I looked some things up. Once I saw the great results people were getting I continued with more research to be sure it was safe. Then took the plunge.

2. What is your favorite result you’ve seen from fasting?

As a mother of 4 children (and also, I’m a grandmother of one!) it’s been hard to reduce the belly fat. It truly is the most stubborn part of the body for millions of women. For me, fasting has chiseled away the fat in ways that years of working out and trying other eating methods (5-6 small meal per day, for instance) has not been able to do. The disciplines of fasting have also helped me reprogrammed my mindset, so to speak. I now make better decisions when it comes to portion control and walk strong in the confidence that I have the ability to stay in control of my food choices. Actually, we all have this ability. It just has to be brought out to the surface. 

3. What is the biggest priority in intermittent fasting?

For me, it’s purposeful planning. There is mental preparation and corresponding actions necessary to successfully get through a day of fasting. You have to place expectations on yourself and be willing to carry it out until completion. Fasting can be hard, especially in the beginning. You have to be serious about the journey, whether you decide to do it for one week, 3 months, or as a long term lifestyle. A secondary priority is to make the proper foods choices during your “eating phase” and also on your non-fasting days. There is the potential to un-do all the hard work of fasting if you’re not disciplined with your eating.

4. What preconceived notion did you have about intermittent fasting that you found out was wrong once you got into it?

When people hear the term “fasting”, they may think of crash diets or approaching weight loss in an unhealthy manner that will harm your body in the long run. I had to be sure I wasn’t jumping into some diet scheme. Thank goodness these preconceived notions were dispelled very early on when I was doing careful research prior to beginning my fasted lifestyle. I encourage everyone to do their own research before starting a fast.

5. What has been the most surprising part of fasting?

I was pleasantly surprised by the ability to enjoy my normal treats without the threat of weight gain. Prior to fasting, I had to come up with ways to work the calories off and found it necessary to deny myself more often, for fear of bloat. I’m not a biologist, but I believe that fasting contributes to better regulation of the metabolism. Calories are burned off more efficiently while fasting, and even more so if fasting is combined with consistent strength training. This has been my experience.

6. Have you had any bad fasting moments?

Absolutely yes. With fasting, through trial and error, you will learn the difference between experiencing normal hunger during the fasting phase, compared to feeling sickly because not enough nutrients were consumed prior to starting your fast for the day. This happened to me twice before I realized that I had to consume the right amount of food BEFORE entering my fasting phase. Otherwise, there will be a price to pay with feeling sick and weak. Proper fasting technique should never make you feel ill.

7. What is the hardest part or the biggest drawback?  Any hurdles or negatives that you’ve found?

In my experience, the hardest part, the biggest hurdle I faced, was acclimating myself to those first few days of fasting (maybe about 5-6 days). You are changing your body’s eating pattern, and your body is screaming at you saying, “What the heck is going on here!” It will be uncomfortable in the beginning but there is a hump you get over and the fasting disciplines become much easier in time.

8. Any misconceptions you’d like to clear up?

The idea that you can fast while still enjoying your favorite foods seems contradictory, but it’s true! The biggest misconception of Intermittent Fasting is that you will be starving yourself. Heck no!! There is no truth to this at all. Delaying your first meal of the day is not the same as skipping it. Skipped meals involves calorie restriction. Fasting does not encourage you to cut calories unless there is already an overeating problem that needs to be addressed.

9. What is your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is the squat and all of its variations. It recruits large muscle groups and calls for you to activate your core for stability. However, very recently I’ve taken up running again. It’s been a nice change to my normal routine. I’m enjoying it very much.

10. What is your favorite part of your body?

My legs used to be the absolute WORST part of my body. I thought my post-pregnant body type was set in stone, calling for large thighs that rubbed together to the point of pain and no true shape or definition to be had. But now my legs are one of my best attributes. It does take hard work to shape the legs, but fasting expedites that process due to the fat loss you can experience. I love my legs and even did a video on why achieving beautiful legs does NOT mean you have to strive for a thigh gap. Check it out!

11. What are some good steps you would recommend to someone getting started in intermittent fasting?

First and foremost, do your research. My free eBook, Yum Yucky’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting, contains some pretty comprehensive information, but it’s always a good idea to have several different sources of information before you get started. If you have a medical condition, please consult with your doctor before you try fasting. And lastly, if you stick to the personal fasting protocols you set for yourself (this is discussed in the eBook) there’s no reason you can’t achieve great results!

12. The future.  How long will you continue fasting?

Fasting is a lifestyle for me. It’s helped me to better regulate my digestion, eliminate that terrible feeling from bloat, and I’m happy with the aesthetic results as well. With the positive impact it’s had on my body, I plan to continue fasting 4-5 times per week while enjoying my favorite greedy treats on the weekend (pancakes, please!)  — in moderation, of course.

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