My Top 10 Natural Health Products on Amazon

Happy Prime Day, my peoples! I’m celebrating today by sharing with you the top 10 items I repeatedly buy on Amazon. The awesomeness of Amazon Prime is actually a year-round event for me and other online addicts shoppers, but today (July 15th!) above all other days is the day to snag your 30-Day FREE Trial. Today will feature more Amazon Prime deals than Black Friday. So git on it.


1. Colloidal Silver Liquid and Gel: If you haven’t yet witnessed my carrying on with nonstop talk about the benefits of using colloidal silver, then listen up now. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t drag your feet. Learn how this natural antibiotic has the power to effectively treat eye infections, pink eye, ear infections, burns and other issues without getting a doctor involved. Check my Colloidal Silver Reference Page for a plethora of important info on silver.

2. Bromelain: This is a natural steroid that fights inflammation. It’s especially important for Matthew, as he needs it to naturally control his sinus and allergy issues. But alas! Not all Bromelain products are created equal. We’ve done the trial and error, and found Nature’s Plus Ultra Bromelain 1500 mg capsules to be the best. >> Bromelain Fact, Benefits and Risks.

3. Oregano Oil: This oil is hailed as the most powerful natural antibiotic on the planet. Extensive scientific research has been done to back this up. But be warned, you must use Oil of Oregano very carefully to prevent injury, and it’s not recommend to be handled or consumed by young children unless they can deal with the extreme heat factor (which is NOT very likely). Read my full write upon this oil before you decide to acquire any. >> Oregano Oil Facts, Benefits and Risks.

4. Shea Butter: I don’t use the lotions found at the drugstore. Why? Because they contain harmful, toxic ingredients that are proven to compromise your hormones and cause other damage to your body. Read my post on Mineral Oil: A Toxic Evil Lurking in Your Beauty Products for the entire scoop. Then get yourself some shea butter or Coconut Oil.

5. Nutiva Coconut Oil: I’ve tried a ton of different coconut oil brands. Nutiva is the best in quality and taste. Not only can you cook with coconut oil, you can also smather it on your body and lips as a natural moisturizer. Other brands you can get at the store do work just fine, but if you want to try the best, go with Nutiva.

6. Buddy Bear Probiotic Chewables: These tasty chews are part of my natural defense arsenal to prevent my kids from getting the stomach virus (vomit and diarrhea flu bugs) during the cold months. And yes, it works damn good. Read my full post on Proven Methods to Prevent Stomach Flu and stock up on Buddy Bear Chewable Probiotic for the kids when colder months approach.

7. Sweet Almond Oil: Almond oil is a fantastic, healthy alternative to smather on your body for all the reasons mentioned in my Toxic Mineral Oil post. Additionally, black people may find this to be a wonderful moisturizer for the hair. I’ve tried a few different almond oils at the store, but found this Sweet Almond Oil to be of good quality. It contains no fragrances or fillers; 100% pure goodness.

8. doTerra Terra Shield Natural Bug Repellent (for the body): There are some fantastic sites on the Internet to help you whip up your own natural bug repellent that doesn’t contain the harmful ingredients in drugstore brands, but I prefer the non-DIY route. I buy doTerra Bug Repellent formula instead. It does a kick ass job at keeping the mosquitoes from biting without having to come up with my own non-toxic concoction.

9. Honeysuckle Forsythia Tea for Cold & Flu: This tea will reverse a coughing spell, including the painful kind due to mucous in the chest, within about 15 minutes. Honsysuckle Forsythia Tea is nasty, yet has an acquired taste that you get used to. I discovered this tea after doing thorough research on the benefits of Forsythia used in Chinese medicine. Keep it on deck in your house. It’s a must. I previously wrote a consumer/customer review of this tea on Amazon. You can read it here.

10. Freeze Dried Foods: If you’ve glanced through my Supply List For Emergency Preparedness, it’s no mystery that I’m big on being ready for anything, as much as in my power to do. Keeping freeze dried foods on hand, those that can last 15 or more years, is an important way I am creating security for my family in the event an uber-emergency should strike. To take the plunge into freeze dried foods, I recommend you start out with protein items like diced chicken or turkey. Freeze dried is not cheap, but if you buy a little at a time, you will have a very nice storage of emergency food supplies that will not be quick to spoil.

So what’s your own Amazon list look like? What are your favorite products to snag from Amazon? If you already have Amazon Prime, rock on my friend. But if not? Go git yo’self a Prime deal.

Happy Amazon Prime Day July 15 – Exclusive Deals for Prime Members – Start Free 30-Day Trial. Prime Day is a one-day shopping event on July 15, 2015, with more deals than Black Friday. Prime members can shop exclusive deals from electronics, toys, video games, movies, clothing, patio, lawn and garden, sports and outdoor items and more.

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