Chocolate Cupcake Luna Bar. Does it taste like real cake?

chocolate cupcake luna bar

Whoa. I am looking fabulously horrid in this picture. And now that the ugly elephant in the room as been addressed, let’s get on with this. Shall we?

I am a cake connoisseur. And ya, I had to Google the word “connoisseur” to get the spelling right. I am the world’s most renown, self-appointed, leading authority on judging the goodness of all things cakey. My taste buds are quite refined and on point when it comes to identifying the most delectable flavors, textures and fanciness of anything that has to do with cake.

So how does the Chocolate Cupcake Luna Bar measure up in the cake department?

cupcake luna bar close up

The Chocolate Cupcake name alone is intriguing. It compels you rip into package with hungry fury as you go in for the kill while gnashing at the “cupcake” with your teeth.

But damn. Then you realize this thing is not cakey. Its flavor does not resemble cake in any way whatsoever. There is nothing about the Chocolate Cupcake Luna Bar that screams “cake”. If anything, it tastes like a fudge brownie — and a subpar brownie at that.

I’m not sure if I spit out this Luna bar in mid-chew from my disappointment over the cake let down, or over the fact that it just wasn’t a good piece of food.

Either way, I’m sticking to my old faithful when it comes to Luna Bars: their Chocolate Dipped Coconut variety. That bar is hella-delicious and deserves to be all up in yo’ mouth for a good chewing. I eat one almost every day after lunch as my healthy afternoon treat.

luna bar

So there’s my warning. If you happen to get sucked into the Chocolate Cupcake Luna Bar vortex and come out feeling majorly let down, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.






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